3 Key Tips for Connecting with Your Baby During Feeding Time


By Insider Envy Staff

The early days of raising a baby are a pivotal time for a new parent to embrace opportunities for connection and bonding.

Whether you’re solely breastfeeding, combo feeding or just exclusively using formula, feeding your newborn is a wonderful opportunity to nourish and connect. Keep reading for a few tips on ways to make this special time even more meaningful.

Tip 1: Skin-to-Skin Contact

Immediately after birth, skin-to-skin contact can be crucial in helping babies successfully breastfeed, according to the WHO. 90 minutes is the magic number here for helping a baby get acclimated (this can be especially helpful after a cesarean section, because your skin bacteria can help develop your baby’s microbiome after birth!).

Even beyond that first breastfeeding session, skin-to-skin contact, however you feed, is as simple as it is effective in helping you and your baby connect.

Tip 2: Responsive Feeding

Simply put, responsive feeding entails letting your baby take the lead when it comes to feeding! Though it may seem counterintuitive, responding to your baby’s hunger cues can have positive long-term effects in helping them develop their intuitive senses of hunger and satiation.

Signs of a hungry baby? Look for puckering, smacking or licking of their lips, putting their hands near their mouths, or clenching their hands. A full baby may close their mouth, unlatch or ignore the breast or bottle altogether, turn their head away or relax their hands

Although it can be frustrating or anxiety-provoking when it feels like your baby isn’t feeding as much as you’d like, or on a set schedule, once you learn to recognize your baby’s hunger cues, you’ll feel comforted in knowing that you’re responding to their actual needs.

Tip 3: Create a Relaxing Environment

Though it may seem obvious, the importance of a calm, nurturing environment during feeding can’t be stressed enough. And sometimes, that means embracing formula when breastfeeding isn’t working out the way you might have hoped.

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Feeding time = time to connect

Ultimately, what all of these tips have in common is the importance of slowing down and embracing the moments of connection  while feeding your baby.

Whether you’re breastfeeding, combo feeding, or formula feeding, trying out the tips above can take some of the headache out of figuring out the best way to feed your baby. And if you’re on the hunt to find a baby formula for an easier feeding time, try ByHeart for a clinically-proven formula you can feel confident in.

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