Why I’m All in On Power’s Final Episodes

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Power’s Final Season

Do you get so into a show that at the prospect of the series ending you question what you’re going to do afterwards? If so, then you NEED to watch Power now. The final season is finally here, and it’s already shaping up to be the HOTTEST show of the season…literally (wink wink at all you Power fans that saw the midseason premiere already).


Seriously, what could be better than a story of betrayal, friendship, violence and romance told with a series of surprising and unexpected twists. Speaking of unexpected twists, season 6’s mid-season finale left us with a MASSIVE cliff hanger. We see Ghost, the show’s protagonist who lives a double life as a drug kingpin and NYC nightclub owner, get shot and is seemingly dead as a result. So obviously, season 6’s mid-season premiere on January 5th was a HUGE DEAL and highly anticipated.


Why I’m Hooked on Power’s Final Episodes


So…without spoiling anything for all of you, let me just say that the mid-season premiere of Power’s Final Episodes was insane. There are seemingly two major reveals, though I, as a notorious contrarian and skeptic, have my doubts about one of them (is Ghost really dead?). More than that, Courtney Kemp (Power’s creator) is absolutely genius and cleverly knocks off one potential suspect (of many) leaving us to still ponder the age-old question: WHO SHOT GHOST? I guess this just means we’ll have to stay tuned for the rest of the season to finally figure out who did shoot Ghost (I have my theories).


How To Watch Power Early


In the meantime, let me give you a HUGE PRO-TIP from one Power fan to a soon-to-be other Power fan:


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What are you waiting for? Start binge watching Power ASAP. You can thank me later.

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