Ollie Unboxing & Review


Watch my video to find out if this trendy dog food is worth it!

The Run Down

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Ollie is the vet-formulated dog food subscription service that is breaking the internet. Starting at just $3/day, meal plans are custom-made for your dog’s breed, weight, activity to promote healthy weight and in turn, a longer life. Ingredients like chicken liver, spinach, and blueberries work together to improve digestion, skin health, and coat. Handmade in small batches at a USDA regulated facility, Ollie’s dog food is free of any artificial flavors, growth hormone, antibiotics, fillers, synthetic colors, and preservatives. If you want more facts about the company, check out this article.

Why I Signed Up

Sahn is overweight and the vet says he faces a lot of health risks. I used to feed Sahn Royal Canin dog food, but it made him develop a lot of skin problems. The first ingredient listed wasn’t even protein and the seventh ingredient was “natural flavors” which I later learned to be a pseudonym for dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals! I want to protect my dog from anything harmful to his health with all my heart. I knew that I needed to make a change and Ollie was the solution.

This is Sahn's favorite part of the day!

Ok so I’ve been feeding Sahn Ollie dog food for the past two weeks and he’s like a newborn puppy all over again! His coat is so shiny and his personality is more vibrant than ever. Sahn’s energy level has never been so good!

Ollie's already helped my dog shed 5 pounds in the first two weeks.

Sahn is picky. He never finishes his dry food, which I realized makes him lethargic and causes indigestion like vomiting and diarrhea (what I really want to say to all those commercial dog foods is @#$#%!). Now, Sahn always licks the bowl clean and as you can see, he’s a happy camper – the proof is in the poop!

Safeguarding Sahn’s health makes every penny worth it.

The Verdict

So the verdict is my dog loves Ollie! I think Ollie is perfect for all dogs, especially those with food allergies or health problems. Sahn’s skin condition has dramatically improved and Ollie’s pre-portioned meals really help with weight-loss. I feel good serving my dog the best of the best! It doesn’t get better than Ollie.

New Packaging Update

Ollie just released their new packaging and it’s pretty great. You can see their old packaging in my video, but it used to come in these huge tubs which were pretty bulky. The new packs are smaller but a lot denser, which means they’ll take up less space in the fridge for the same amount of food. This also means that you get more food per box and therefore will have less frequent shipments (huge environmental plus). Portion sizes will be a lot easier to follow with the smaller packs and they’ve also updated their instructions. All in all a good move by Ollie.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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