The Best Glasses of 2019: A Review of Different Glasses Options

Best Glasses of 2019

Choosing the right pair of glasses can be a daunting task. First, you need to get an eye exam and make sure you buy lenses with the right prescription. Next, is the challenging task of figuring out the right style of glasses that meet both your vision needs and make you feel attractive and empowered. Lastly, you need to make sure the glasses are buying are in your right price range and get your eye insurance to cover as much as possible (assuming you have eye insurance).

Here is a few things we’ll cover in this article:

  • Getting your prescription
  • Where to buy glasses
  • Top glasses brands
  • Popular glasses styles
  • How to find the right frames for your face
  • Best glasses in different categories

Getting your prescription.

If you are buying non-prescriptive glasses then you can skip past this section.

If you want a quick solution to finding your prescription and don’t mind if your prescription isn’t exact check out our 10 DIY Eye Exams to find a DIY way of measuring your eye sight.

If you want a more complete eye exam, most eye insurance companies will pay for one eye exam a year (typically you will still need to pay a co-pay and you should double check with your insurance provider before booking anything).

It’s also worth noting the difference between a vision exam which focuses on finding your prescription and may offer basic eye checks and an eye exam, which will be a more in-depth exam that checks a variety of eye health issues.

Most glasses stores offer vision exams and many places like Walmart and Walgreens offer both vision exams with in store eye doctors. You can also book a full eye exam with your local opthamologist (who can typically complete a vision exam while you are there).

Where should I buy my glasses?

In the past, answering this question was quite easy—go to your local glasses store; however, recently a number of online options have taken off giving you more choices on where to buy. We’ll review these now:

  1. Online Glasses Brands: There are now two major online sites that make their own glasses and sell them direct to consumers. These are Warby Parker and Zenni Optical with Warby being the more established of the two. You can read our Warby Parker review and Zenni review here as well as our Warby vs Zenni comparison here.
  2. Glasses Stores: Simply Google glasses stores and you are likely to find a wealth of stores near you. These stores can help you pick out the right frames, get your lenses cut by an optometrist to be just right, and will help you navigate insurance reimbursement.
  3. Online Retailers: There are a number of large online retailers including Coastal and EyeBuyDirect, which offer all the brands you would find in a normal store, but allow you to buy and upload your prescription from the convenience of your home.
  4. Large Brick and Mortar Retailers: Another quasi-hack is to buy your glasses from large retailers like Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart. These stores oftentimes offer a number of prescription glasses at low prices, which is perfect if you are like me and have a tendency to lose your glasses.

Top Glasses Brands:

One thing you will find if you try to buy glasses online Is that there are a crazy number of glasses brands. Some specialize in making designer frames, others cater to a specific audience (Maui Jim for example) and others offer discount frames. We’ll take a quick minute to breakdown the 10 biggest glasses brands.

  1. Ray Ban – Mid-range, classic look
  2. Tom Ford – High-end, designer
  3. Prada – High-end, designer
  4. Oakley – Mid-range, classic look
  5. Oliver Peoples – High-end, designer
  6. Giorgio Armani – High-end, designer
  7. Hugo Boss – Mid-range, classic look
  8. Maui Jim – Mid-range, classic look
  9. Chanel – High-end, designer
  10. Silhouette – Mid-range, minimalist

A few popular, less expensive brands include Westend, Picklez and Lunettos.

How to find the right frames for your face.

Glasses are fashion and therefore the popular and in style frame types are constantly changing. What you need to know when picking a frame is what types of frames best fit your face and then make a choice on how bold a look you are going for.

Our article on “Types of Frames Explained” is a good place to start to learn about the different frame options out there.

We also recommend you check out this article that explains what types of frames are best for different face shapes.

Best Glasses of 2019:

Best Glasses for Men in 2019:

  1. Ray Ban ClubMaster

Ray Ban Best Men's Glasses

Price: $153

Perfect for: People with oval and heart shaped faces

Why we picked it: This semi-rimmed Ray Ban updates the classic Ray Ban look and is the perfect combination of comfort, style and price.

  1. Milo Black Matte Frame Glasses

Milos Best Mens Glasses

Price: $9

Perfect for: People with oval, round, square, and heart shaped faces.

Why we picked it: These versatile glasses never go out of style. Simple black frames are a classic look for men and women. On top of this, the frame price is truly unbeatable. A good choice if you want a simple look at almost no cost.

  1. Tom Ford B Glasses

Tom Ford Best Men's Glasses

Price: $180

Perfect for: People with round or oval faces

Why we picked it: This is perfect for aspiring hipsters who are rocking long beards and want some stand out frames to boot.

  1. Ray Ban Round Metal Optics

Ray Ban Best Men's

Price: $168

Perfect for: People with square or pentagon faces

Why we picked it: Minimalist metal rimmed glasses are in and gold provides one of the most stylish choices. We simply love these glasses.

  1. Arise Transparent Glasses

Arise Collective Best Men's Glasses

Price: $99

Perfect for: People with oval and heart shaped faces

Why we picked it: These stylish glasses with their two-tone frames are quiet and loud at the same time.  Transparent frames are in right now and this is a price that is hard to beat.

Best Glasses for Women in 2019:

  1. Round Frames from Vint and York

Round Frames Best Women's Glasses

Price: $249

Perfect For: People with pentagon, oval and heart shaped faces.

Why we picked it: These round glasses with added flare in the frame and a unique ivy pattern refresh a classic look with a uniquely 2019 feel. They are a versatile and quality frame that can work with a lot of different looks.

  1. Prada Geek Chic Glasses

Prada Geek Best Womens Glasses

Price: $151

Perfect for: People with pentagon, oval and heart shaped faces. 

Why we picked it: Geek chic is the perfect look for 2019. These black matte frames are combined with a stylish arm, that is perfect for a professional setting or going out after work.

  1. Dolce and Gabanna Cat Eye Glasses

Dolce and Gobanna Cat Eye Best Glasses

Price: $200.40

Perfect for: People with round, diamond shaped, or oblong faces

Why we picked it: Retro is in. And these chic cat eye glasses are the perfect balance between old and new. They are stylish with a number of color variations to choose from.

  1. Warby Parker Gold Wire-Frame Glasses

Warby Parker Best Womens Glasses

Price: $195

Perfect For: People with heart shaped or square faces

Why we picked it: These minimalist glasses are chic and attractive. Like the Prada glasses above these combine high fashion with a simpler professional look, that makes them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

  1. Prada Aviator Frames

Prada Aviator Bes Womens Glasses

Price: $184

Perfect for: People with round or oblong faces

Why we picked it: Aviators for prescription glasses are in. The combination of large lenses and simple aesthetic provides a strong but elegant look. We love these gold frames in particular rom Prada.

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