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Extended wear contact lenses are mostly used by traditionalist. While weekly soft shell contacts, and more recently, daily disposable contacts, have become far more popular with most contact lens wearers, extended wear contacts are still a fine choice for those who prefer them.

With extended wear contact lenses, you don’t have to constantly worry about ordering new contacts or closely monitoring the state of your contacts. Hardshell contacts have been seen as tried and true for decades; however, this is also the pair of contacts that need the most care. Besides keeping these contacts clean, you must have an acceptable place to store the contacts, and unlike with other contacts, losing a pair of hard shell lenses can be quite costly.

This guide gives information to help you discover the best extended-wear contacts for you; however, as always, it’s worth noting that while these reviews look at aspects like cost and general comfort levels–everyone’s eye is different so you ultimately need to decide for yourself, which pair of contacts is the best fit.

Extended Wear Contact Lens Prices

Monthly extended wear contacts are more expensive on a one-off purchase basis than most other contacts because their hard shell ensures that they last a long time (with proper cleaning). The chart below looks at annual prices when buying hardshell contacts:

Best Contact by Type:

While extended wear contact lenses are the more traditional route for contacts, there are still some diagnosing differences that set them apart.

Specifically, some extended wear contacts are better suited for Astigmatisms, while other brands are better for Myopia. We’ll compare prices and customer reviews for each of these contact lens types to help determine the best extended-wear contact for each type.

Best Extended wear Contacts for Astigmatism:

There are many different options when it comes to extended wear contacts which correct Astigmatism. However, the contact with far and away the most positive customer reviews is Air Optix for Astigmatism.

These extended wear contacts can be worn monthly, if taken out and washed thoroughly every night.

Best Extended wear Contacts for Myopia (multifocal lenses):

Myopia is more commonly known as nearsightedness. Oftentimes, myopia is addressed with multifocal lenses that help correct vision near and far.

In this category, the contact with the most number of high-quality customer reviews is PureVision MultiFocal. PureVision’s extended wear Multifocal contact are made from a silicone hydrogel and PureVision’s exclusive AerGel material, to help them retain moisture and to maximize comfort.

Maximizing comfort and reducing protein buildup are both critical aspects of  hard shell contact lenses and PureVision’s Multifocal contacts gets high marks on both accounts.

Best Extended wear Contacts for Colored Contacts:

The options for hard shell, extended wear colored contacts are pretty limited. But within this field, it is hard to go wrong Expressions Colors. These contacts are hailed as comfortable, while completely effective at changing the color of your eyes.

Expressions Colors come in eight different colors: blue, aqua, blue topaz, green, jade, green, hazel, and brown.

Best Extended wear Contacts Overall:

Acuvue Vita was determined to be the best wear contacts overall of the extended wear contact lenses.

This is a brand that can correct harder cases of vision issues, as well as the more common. These contacts are hydrated by the n-coated silicone hydrogel formulation. HydraMax™ Technology and they are reported to be extremely comfortable to wear.

If you’re tired of wearing glasses, or you want to find a better solution for your vision needs, Acuvue Vita is sure to please.

Other Information to Consider:

While there are many different reasons people decide to wear a specific type of contact, there are always certain bits of information that wearers must learn from experience.

This information might not directly involve any specific contact lens, but it will make a difference to the person if they must learn the hard way.

So, here are a few common considerations that often get overlooked when deciding which contacts are right for you.

Amount Contacts Are Worn:

The amount which the wearer will be using the contacts plays a large part in which type of contacts would suit their situation best. If you plan on wearing your contacts every day, (or most days) then extended wear contact lenses are right for you.

However, if you intend to only wear contacts once in a while, you won’t be getting your money’s worth from buying extended wear contact lenses. Plus, you won’t be utilizing your contacts to the full extent of their abilities.

Therefore, before you decide, it’s wise to seriously think about how often your contacts will be worn.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses:

While there are conveniences to extended wear contact lenses, there is also a possible drawback. If a contact is worn day after day, for about a month, there’s a bigger risk of infection. The reason for this is that the debris that latches onto the contacts one day might continue onto the next, if they are not cleaned properly.

Yet, if the contacts are properly cared for, the chance of infection is minuscule. Although, there is always a chance. The longer a person wears the same contact lenses, the greater the chance of infection.

So, if extended wear contact lenses are the right option for you, ensure that they are always thoroughly cleaned.

In summation, this review is built upon the basis of providing information. So, while all the contacts featured here are extremely high quality; revered by wearers and competitors alike, your chosen brand might differ.

Hopefully, though, this review has helped you understand more about extended wear contact lenses.

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