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SofLens was created nearly 50 years ago by Bausch & Lomb, a company that has been a staple in the eye care community for decades. SofLens itself has been able to withstand the test of time and multiple reviews, with near perfection being achieved across the review board. The innovation found in SofLens contact lenses is now the foundation in which many other contact lenses are rooted.

The most popular brands of SofLens are SofLens 59, SofLens 38, SofLens Daily Disposable, Daily Disposable for Astigmatism, SofLens MultiFocal, and SofLens Toric. SofLens is well known for being able to treat a wide range of diagnoses, from the stubborn Astigmatism, Myopia, or Presbyopia, to the more common nearsightedness and farsightedness afflictions, and even sensitive eyes.

Being that SofLens was a brand that was first to use what is now standard throughout the industry, they have had ample time to compare and improve results.

SofLens has a large pool of faithful users: some that have stayed with the company for all of their contact-wearing lives, some that are just trying the brand, and some that have come back after trying a few different brands, because SofLens works best for them.

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SofLens Reviews, Analyzed:

The following table looks at several popular SofLens reviews by model on We decided to use for this analysis because of the quantity of reviews available and the credibility that their reviews are generally known to have.

Soflens 59

Soflens 38

Soflens MultiFocal

Soflens Toric

Soflens Daily Disposable

Soflens Daily Disposable For Astigmatism

Total Reviews 14 19 35 27 34 15
Average Rating 4.9 Stars 5 Stars 4.9 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
Total 5 Star Reviews 13 19 34 27 34 14
Total 1 Star Reviews 0 0 0 0 0 0

The SofLens brand never seems to disappoint. Between having a wide range of products to correct many different issues, and the scores that the reviews illustrate across the board, it is hard not to be impressed. However, it is hard to expect anything less coming from a parent company like Bausch & Lomb.

As this model indicates, those that try the SofLens brand through any of their specific products usually have a positive experience with it. This is encouraging, considering the amount of time this brand has been on the market. Such an outcry of support is a testament to the true and unwavering quality of this brand.

While the benefits of SofLens contacts are inherent in the features the brand maintains, the comfort the brand delivers continues to wow its wearers. Yet, not surprisingly given the amount of time that SofLens has existed, there are a few customers who have had issues with this brand.

The first issue tends to be a difficulty in inserting SofLens contacts into the eye. Even for experienced contact wearers, some claim that they are hard to apply.

The second issue with SofLens is that wearers report their eyes feeling itchy, blurry, or otherwise uncomfortable while wearing the contacts. Of course, this is a completely personal opinion and the experience people have with their contacts vary.

SofLens Contact Lens Prices:

Below is a graph for the annual costs of the most popular SofLens contacts:

SofLens Features:

SofLens is known for being able to correct many different eye care issues to a degree that other brands have yet to be able to replicate. This brand has given hope to people with stubborn diagnoses and enabled them to visualize their future far better than they ever have before.

Additionally, as part of the Bausch & Lomb family, it is customary for an extra pair to come in each box, insurance for when the purchased contacts are lost, ripped, or damaged.

Here are some the features that make the individual SofLens products a favorite for customers:

High Definition Optics:

High Definition Optics is a technology that SofLens uses to reduce blurriness, halos, and glare. This leaves only clear, crisp vision, regardless of the time of day, and even in low lighting.

The specific SoftLens contact that utilizes this technology is the SofLens Daily Disposable.

ComfortMoist Technology:

This technology is meant to keep the eyes hydrated all day long by combining a thin lens with a slow-release packaging solution. This solution works to ensure there is always sufficient hydration going to the eyes at all times. ComfortMoist reduces dry eyes and irritation in the eye, which helps wearers face each day with confidence.

SofLens Daily Disposables is also the specific SoftLens contact that utilizes this technology.

Lo-Torque design:

Contacts that are described as Toric lenses are created to correct astigmatism and are found across many different contact brands. However, the Lo-Torque design found in the SofLens Toric lenses are enhanced into a shape that stays in place all day, throughout all situations, keeping eyes alert and focused, no matter what the day has in store.
The patented Lo-Torque design is specific to the SofLens Toric contact and the SofLens Daily Disposable Toric for Astigmatism contact, both of which provide astigmatism patients with the same comfort and convenience as those who wear SofLens Daily Disposables, without compromising the correction quality of their diagnosis.

Natra-Sight Optics:

This useful technology, exclusive to SofLens, is used to help people with presbyopia see near and far with fluidity and clarity.

Natra-Sight Optics is found in the SofLens MultiFocal contact. Instead of having to use one eye for distance and one eye for close ups, or having to carry a pair of glasses around, the multifocal design, combined with the Natra-Sight Optics, make it possible for the wearer to use both eyes to see clearly, whether they are reading or watching a game.

To close, SofLens is a popular brand with many positive reviews backing its performance. SofLens is also made by a company that has been around for more than a century and brings a lot of experience to the brand, as well as industry changing research and development that has now become the backbone of most other contact lens companies. To get SofLens contacts, click here for a convenient and affordable retail option.

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