4 Ways Proven Skincare Changed My Skin


By: Ari Jordan

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4 Ways My Skin Changed Two Weeks Into Using Proven Skincare

I’m not someone who typically sticks with a routine. New Year’s resolutions? I quit them before February hits. The virtual yoga class I signed up for at the height of the pandemic? I took three sessions before I quietly let the trial expire. So when I started my new Proven Skincare routine I made myself a promise: give it two weeks, and if you don’t see any results, you can give it up. But to my surprise (and delight!) I noticed some major changes to my skin. Major enough that they’ve inspired me — who’s backed out on every meal plan, manifestation journal, and beauty regimen I’ve ever tried — to keep on going. Here’s how my skin’s changed so far:

1. I Stopped Waking Up With “Tight Skin”:

Now that the summer is coming to an end, my skin’s been getting dryer. In the morning’s when I wake up I’ll immediately feel a tightness in my skin (that sensation where you can feel your pores crying out for moisturizer). But now that I’ve been using Proven Skincare’s night cream, that feeling has completely gone away. Sure, I still put on the daily moisturizer in the morning, but when I wake up after a full evening’s rest having worn the night cream, my skin feels hydrated rather than thirsty AF.

2. The Dry Patches On My Chin Are Gone:

While I wake up needing moisturizer on my entire face, there’s one area that suffers the most: my chin. I don’t know about you, but I frequently find myself with two dry patches on each side of my chin. They’re incredibly itchy, and simply not cute. But between using the night cream and the daily moisturizer, my dry patches have totally been eradicated. The area around my chin is smooth, and the texture is totally even.

3. My Skin Has Become More “Even” Overall:

While my chin has always been my problem area when it comes to dryness, I’ve also found my skin to be a bit uneven on the whole. My T-zone is the oiliest whereas the area around my jaw can get drier, and my cheeks typically stay pretty soft and stable. What all of this amounts to is an annoyingly “combination” face. (People used to tell me to try spot treatments to remedy all of these different terrains, but who has time for that?) However, I’ve found that with using Proven Skincare my face has become much more even overall. As I mentioned, my chin patches are gone. The T-zone has started to neutralize, and the rest of my skin is becoming more and more like my cheeks: soft and problem-free.

4. I Haven’t Had A Major Breakout:

Whenever I start a new beauty routine there will be something that triggers a breakout. Whether it’s a fragrance that doesn’t quite agree with my skin, a moisturizer that’s a touch too oily, or a night cream that goes on too thick — my pores always rebel against it. But two weeks into using Proven Skincare I haven’t had a major breakout (save for that one hormonal pimple I got last week, but that one I’ll blame on PMS) and to me that’s a huge win.

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