Best Daily Contact Lens Review


This review offers a comparison of  daily contact lenses- if you came to learn more about which one you should buy–you came to the right place.

The Winner:

Acuvue Contacts!  Their design, online order process, customer support, and (above all) contact is all second to none. Check out a more in depth comparison of daily contact lenses below.

Daily Contacts by Price:

While the price for daily contacts has come down substantially they remain some of the most expensive contacts on the market. This is particularly true if buying daily multifocal contacts or daily toric contacts. Below is a chart listing annual contact lens prices for daily disposable contacts from least expensive to most expensive (bottom to top):

Best Daily Contacts for Astigmatism:

Research shows that roughly 30% of varying populations suffer from astigmatism. Astigmatism is caused by a distortion of the cornea–sometimes astigmatism is severe enough to warrant contacts that specifically correct this issue, while other times it is not. Regardless, it is a common issue and can develop later in age as well.

There are a number of fantastic daily contacts that correct astigmatism, but our research shows that the contact customers love the most is Soflens‘ Daily Disposable for Astigmatism.

This is also the most expensive daily disposable contact lens on the market, so if you are price sensitive than this is something to consider.

Customers talk the about this contact’s thin design, extreme levels of comfort and ease when inserting and removing the lens, which are unmatched by other day disposable lenses for astigmatism on the market.

Best Daily Contacts for Myopia (multifocal lenses):

Myopia is the clinical term for being nearsighted. Most people correct this condition is multifocal lenses.

While there are many multifocal contact lenses available, the one that stands out as the best multifocal contact lens is the 1-Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal. These lenses are specifically designed to adjust to different lighting and distance making them a particularly strong multifocal selection.

In addition, this contact uses Acuvue’s patented LACREON technology, which ensures that your eyes stay hydrated and comfortable all day long. While there are other fantastic disposable multifocal lenses, this option is always a good choice.

Best Daily Contacts for Colored Contacts:

When it comes to daily disposable colored contacts your options are much more limited. Color contacts are expensive to begin with, buying them as daily disposables only adds to this cost. That said, for those who want to sharpen their eye color or change it entirely and want the convenience and comfort of daily disposable lenses, options do exist.

In this realm our recommendation is FreshLook’s ONE-DAY disposable colored contact lens. This contact comes in Blue, Green, Gray, and Pure Hazel. Freshlook’s brand is renowned as a market leader in making exceptional colored contacts and these dailies are no exception.

Best Daily Contacts Overall:

The daily disposable contact lens is a rapidly evolving market, making choosing any single contact lens as the best disposable difficult to do. Dailies Total1 and Acuvue’s disposables are both exceptional options but there is one contact that stands out as a true outlier–receiving exceptional reviews at an extremely low cost.

That contact is Acuvue which wins the best, overall daily contact.

Other Information to Consider:

Here are a few final things to consider as you think about buying a new pair of daily disposable contact lenses.


While daily contacts can be quite expensive, one important savings you make when buying daily contacts is not needing to buy contact lens solution. Contact lens solution is not crazy expensive but it adds up over time. In addition, you won’t need to buy a contact lens case, nor will have to worry about losing contacts, which can be extremely expensive if you use RGP lenses and still fairly expensive if you use extended wear, soft shell contacts.


Inserting a fresh pair of contacts every day comes with a number of health benefits. Most importantly, it reduces the chances for eye infections. Simply put, even if you clean your contacts expertly every day, the longer you wear one pair of contacts, the more of a chance there is of bacteria growing in the contact. Ultimately, using a daily contact is the most consistent way to reduce this issue.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to buying daily disposable contact lenses. If you want to learn more about the best weekly contact lenses on the market, or best month hard shell contacts on the market check out our guides on those products as well.

Affordable prices, full transparency, and amazing customer reviews! If you’re looking to get contacts quick, check out  Hubble Contacts for the simplest way to buy daily contacts online. 

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