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Daily contacts have been an increasingly popular choice among contact wearers and eye professionals. There are various differences in dailies and non-dailies such as cost and convenience to name a few. However, one of the more pressing debates prevalent in the contact industry today is that daily disposable lenses are the safest form of lens wear. Below we’ll explore a cost per weak analysis to address this quandary as well as a break down of cost.

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Keep reading to explore the benefits of wearing Dailies and if Dailies are right for you.

Is there really a difference?

Long before the creation of disposable lenses, it was common knowledge that lenses needed to be replaced as often as possible to prevent bacterial build up. However contacts were expensive and throwing a pair out every so often was not so economical. Therefore cleaning mechanisms were invented to extend the timeline of lenses.

Luckily, thanks to the help of new and improved technologies, manufacturers were able to create a different kind of lens. These lenses were higher in quality and produced at a lower cost. This allowed for economies of scale as customers were also able to benefit from the reduction of price. Thus replacing lenses became more common.

All contacts vary in material make-up and design. It’s up to you to find the right fit for your eye.


Daily contacts may be a convenient choice for your lifestyle and advantageous in the sense that no cleaning is necessary. Instead of constantly squeezing solution to clean your tiny filament of a lens, a fresh pair can be worn every day. Daily disposable lenses are contacts that are used once and discarded at the end of the day. A fresh pair of lenses are applied each morning which may be an attractive option for those unwilling to clean their lenses at night.

Daily disposable contact lenses are fairly popular among contact wearers and favorable to maintaining healthy eyes. Although you may deem throwing out lenses wasteful, there are other things to consider. Protein, lipids, calcium, and bacteria can easily build up on your lenses. Your tears are a natural vessel for these substances and make your eyes disposed to infection. Cleaning is vital however as some deposits will inevitably remain and build up over time.

Weekly or Monthly

Daily wear is not to be confused with daily disposable. Daily disposable refers to contact lenses that are meant to be used once and discarded daily. Daily wear is wear daily but not suitable for overnight wear and must be cleaned and removed before sleep. Wearing lenses overnight increases the lens wearer’s risk for eye disease. Therefore lenses are often replaced on a weekly or monthly basis.

Proper cleaning and handling of weekly and monthly lenses are critical to keep eyes healthy. Lens cleaning is not an option but a must in the world of weekly or monthly contacts due to the health risks bacterial deposits may present.

The Elimination of Solutions

When the need for solution is eliminated, risks for improper care of lens due to handling are also eradicated. Daily disposables are packaged in a way to decrease any contaminants one might encounter with contact lens handling. Hygienic care for contact lens on a daily basis and the incessant need to store contact lens overnight are also no longer an issue. Letting contacts sit for overnight, and then reinserting these same lens into your eyes in the morning are a thing of a past.


Although daily lens are also not FDA approved for overnight wear, dispensing of lens before bed or switching over to glasses make dalies a convenient choice. Dailes reduce ocular complications and improve patient compliance with health standards. Dailies do not accumulate as much build up as extended wear lens and reduce risks of eye disease. Travelers, children, young adults, and part-time lens wearers benefit in the complete elimination of lens care products.

Discomfort due to either solution sensitivity, keratitis, or surface deposition is common with extended wear lens. Burning and stinging due to sensitivity to multi-purpose solutions and symptoms of dry eye often dissipate with the switch over to daily contacts.

Costs of Dailies

Daily disposable contact lenses are generally more expensive than extended wear lenses. These lenses provide ultimate comfort and clear vision, ensuring good eye health with easy eye care. Various brands offer an assortment of designs and colors. Daily brands even offer lenses that correct for eye conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia. The most expensive daily disposable contacts are made from silicone hydrogel material and marketed at a premium brand. All in all, the higher costs of these lens can be offset by the amount of money you would have spent on products such as solution.

In a ‘cost-per-wear’ study, the daily cost of wearing a daily lens brand was compared to a weekly disposable brand. This case took into account all costs including the cost of the lens, solution, and professional fees. The model demonstrates that the cost of wearing daily disposables are less expensive than extended wear lens when worn less than 5 days a week but only 50 cents more expensive when worn 7 days a week.

A Cost-Effective Solution:

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Other Considerations

Check with your doctor to see whether or not daily disposables are right for you. If your prescription lies outside of the daily range, there are a multitude of other contacts that may enhance your lens experience.

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