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Article Written By Julia Long, an Ampush Employee

“Why I’ll never go back to traditional frames again”

Whether it’s your first ever apartment or a family home of over a decade, decorating is something that never seems to get easier. From finding the right pieces to actually arranging them (plus paying often hefty prices), making a house feel like a home can be a bit of a headache.

That is exactly where Mixtiles comes in. When I tried Mixtiles this fall, I didn’t know quite what to expect– would it be as easy, professional-looking and inexpensive as they claim to be? If you haven’t heard of Mixtiles, they are a company who want to make displaying the images you love easy. You just upload an image (or a series of images) that you love to their website, decide the dimensions and style of the framing, and a couple days later your art arrives. To hang it, all you have to do is stick the adhesive back of the image to your wall, and if you don’t like where you put it, you can remove the images from the wall and re-stick them somewhere else. It sounded too good to be true.

Why Mixtiles are Different

Between choosing an image, seeking out a high quality print, ordering it and getting it framed, hammering a nail into a wall in the perfect place (and finding the perfect place), that one hanging photo you are dreaming of is both expensive and time consuming in reality. Speaking personally, I am indecisive, and so even just committing to where I am going to hang a painting is a hassle. I have tried redecorating before– and I’ve failed. But Mixtiles basically solved all of those issues for me: the adhesive is convenient, the print quality is incredible, and the framing is included in the already affordable price. Pretty sweet. 

Decorating has never been easy until now.

I was astounded at how quickly my photographs arrived (especially because the shipping was free!). I just opened the package and stuck my framed prints to the wall, and within moments of the package arriving, I had redecorated my hallway. 

Moving into an apartment affordably 

Since I moved into my new apartment in the early fall, it has been hard to make it the space I want it to be without spending money I don’t have. Mixtiles was a perfect solution: priced at $11 per framed print, I could actually curate a series of photos and an aesthetic in my home that was true to my style without breaking the bank.

At last, indecision is allowed

Remember that wall gallery I mentioned earlier? Well, that became a living room gallery wall. My décor analysis paralysis is gone, because—thankfully—Mixtiles has some magic formula for their adhesive, because I was able to pop all of my photos off the wall and rehang them elsewhere with no residue, or any problems sticking them up the second time. No hammer, no nail, no problem!

Best gift ever

Mixtiles has become my go-to gift for friends of mine now as well– what better way to send a friend a little love than to send them the photos they love right to their door, ready to hang?

Wall of friends during a pandemic

Nothing has made me happier during this isolating quarantine time than my new, so-called “Wall of Friends” in my living room. The photos I love of the people I love completely came to life in my home, and I finally have found a way to blend my personal style with the photos that make me happy.

All in all, I’m a Mixtiles convert. It is an unbelievable deal. Starting at $11 a tiles, the more tiles you buy, the better the discount gets. This makes Mixtiles one of the most cost-effective ways to brighten your space, no matter the size of your home’s wall. Couple that with high quality, and ease of use, and its easy to conclude that I will never go back to traditional frames again.

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