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There’s always one firm that stands out from the bunch. In the world of contacts, that firm is Hubble. Similar to the Hubble telescope, Hubble contacts are on a mission to bring affordable daily disposable lenses to help contact wearers see crystal clear, save a couple bucks, and feel all-day comfort. Taking the contact industry by storm, Hubble flips the script on contact lens subscription services. Produced by one of the world’s largest contact lens manufacturers, Hubble contacts are without question the best priced dailies available on the market today. Packaged in boxes full of color and smart design, Hubble offers a one of a kind contact lens experience for just $36 a month.


Hubble contact lenses, founded by Ben Cogan and Jesse Horwitz in 2016, are high-quality daily lenses offered at low cost. Dailies are the most convenient type of lens to wear, but sadly also the most expensive. Optometrists and optical stores, limited by resources and high costs, often cannot and do not offer low cost daily options.

To make matters worse, a lack of healthcare information and knowledge push people to overpay when vision insurance doesn’t pick up the bill. Not only do contact wearers end up paying exorbitant prices for extended wear lenses—the unhealthier, yet cheaper option—they also end up wearing their extended wear lenses for longer than recommended, risking their eye health and vision.



Here, Hubble is certainly a winner. Half the price of other brands, Hubble continues to dominate the contact industry with low prices and high quality lenses. Instead of paying $800 for lenses each year, paying ~$400 is far more reasonable. Don’t forget the extra bucks you’ll save by avoiding a run to the store to buy solution every other week.


Dailies are the safest and healthiest contacts modern technology has to offer. A fresh pair of lenses are worn in the morning and discarded at night. Hubble daily disposable contacts allow for all day comfort without the hassle of cleaning and storage. The need for solution is also eliminated as nightly cleaning, disinfection, rinse, and storage is unnecessary.


Hubble contacts are made from high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel material. All Hubble contacts have UV protection and 55% water content. Incredibly comfortable, Hubble contacts are soft and flexible, allowing for crystal clear vision.

Free Introductory Offer

Scared of commitment? No worries, the first box is free. Hubble allows you to get your first 15 pairs of lenses for just the $1 shipping and handling fee. If you like your lenses, you can continue a $36 monthly subscription, bringing the cost of your lenses down to around just a dollar a day. You’re free to cancel and change your subscription at anytime.


You won’t have to make any appointments to schedule a trip to the doctor or even drive to the store to pick up your lenses. Hubble’s easy to use, navigable website allows you to enter your prescription and doctor’s information through one quick and easy form. Hubble contacts are shipped directly to your doorstep, so you can order your contacts from the convenience of your home or even smartphone.


Hubble’s design sets them apart from their competitors. Designed by a firm in Brooklyn called Athletics, Hubble’s boxes are made with a playful design and color, giving you something aesthetically pleasing to look forward to.

Environmentally Friendly

All Hubble boxes and lens packs are 100% recyclable.


No Extended Wear

Hubble only sells daily lenses. If you’re looking for extended wear lenses, Hubble is not the place for you. Although the company has shown interest in expanding their product variations, they’ve yet to come out with 2-week or monthly lenses.


Hubble contacts are mainly available online. However, they are currently undergoing the launch of a brick-and-mortar program where independent practitioners will sell their lenses.

Not for all vision problems

Medically approved lenses such as contact lenses with extreme power and specialty contacts are not available at Hubble. Hubble contact lenses are only designed for those individuals with little to no astigmatism.

Future expectations

Hubble is a new firm and they plan on surprising us with more affordable options. Although they’re success is unprecedented among contact firms, Hubble doesn’t plan on stopping expansion anytime soon. Founders Ben and Jesse have mentioned the possible addition of new products such as solution, eye drops, and new lenses to their product chain in recent interviews. They have shown heavy interest in creating a Toric Lens line as well as Multifocal lenses.

Keep on the lookout for their expansion and new products.

What the Reviews Say

Hubble contact users are absolutely in love. Reviewers who’ve gotten the 15-day free contacts are surprised by the comfort Hubble contacts offers. Reviews express great satisfaction with the timeliness in which their contacts are received as well as the easiness of the ordering process.  We agree: the convenience Hubble offers through their online website and quick shipment process is remarkable.

Reviewers are also impressed with lenses that never dry out and always feel comfortable in any environment. Many remark that they can barely feel the lenses on their eyes. Lens wearers with bad habits, such as not replacing lenses when lenses have expired, are thrilled to try dailies without breaking the bank. It seems Hubble contact lenses are easily becoming a new favorite brand.

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