Simple Contacts vs. 1800 Contacts

If you’re one of 45 million people in American who wear contacts, you know that buying your contacts is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Subscription contact services make buying contacts easy, letting you order your contact lenses online. As a growing industry, there are a lot of different options out there, which is why we’re here to give you the lowdown on which ones we like and which ones we don’t. In this article we’ll be comparing two of our favorites: Simple Contacts and 1800 Contacts.

A Brief Company Overview

Simple Contacts

Founded in 2015, Simple Contacts is an offshoot of its parent company, Simple Health. Their mission is to be the “healthcare company with a human side,” focusing on their customer’s needs above all else. Simple Contacts offers an online eye test that helps you to renew or extend your contact lens prescription, all under 5 minutes!

1800 Contacts

1800 Contacts was created to make replacing contacts quick, simple, and hassle-free. Backed by their Gajillion Percent Promise, 1800 Contacts is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and offers over 15 million types of contacts. If you don’t have a valid prescription when you order, 1800 Contacts can renew, extend, or procure your prescription for you in 24 hours.

Contact Inventory

Simple Contacts

You can choose from a selection of daily, weekly, and monthly disposable contacts when ordering online at Simple Contacts. If you know which brand you want, all you have to do is search. If you don’t know, you can browse in Simple Contacts list of 13 brands. Simple Contacts offers contact lenses that are specialized for color and enhancing, multifocal and bifocal, and toric and astigmatism.

1800 Contacts

With over 15 million choices, 1800 Contacts offers the world’s largest selection of contacts in one place. There are over 30 brands to choose from, covering daily disposables, weekly disposables, monthly disposables, colored lenses, multifocals and bifocals, and astigmatism and toric lenses.

Price & Insurance Coverage

Simple Contacts

The online eye test Simple Contacts is only $20, much cheaper than the $100-$250 price tag of an eye test at the doctor’s office. The specific pricing of your contact lenses will depend on which product you end up choosing, but Simple Contacts helps offset that cost by offering you a $20 credit for every person you refer. Simple Contacts accepts most major insurance companies, and many out-of-benefit networks.

1800 Contacts

1800 Contacts bulk options help to cut down on the cost of your contact lenses, offering you discounted prices to the widest variety of lenses. All shipping is free, and their Gajillion Percent Promise lets you return all opened products for 100% back. 1800 Contacts accepts most major insurance companies and out-of-benefit benefits. Right now, 1800 Contacts is offering 15% off your first order.

Customer Reviews

Simple Contacts

Simple Contacts has been rated 5 stars by over 7,000 people, making it one of the highest rated contact lens companies in the world. People specifically love the easiness and efficiency when ordering lenses from Simple Contacts. Their online vision test and member credit were also highlights.

1800 Contacts

1800 Contacts is one of the better-known contact lens companies because of their wide variety of contacts. Their customer service and iOS and Android apps are a big seller among customers, but their general slowness with prescription details and some complaints about their online eye exam were prevalent in their reviews.

The Verdict

When it comes down to it, Simple Contacts wins overall. While  1800 Contacts has a larger selection of contacts, the fact that it took them 24 hours to retrieve, renew, and extend prescriptions is a negative lots of customers couldn’t overlook. Simple Contacts exemplary 5-minute ordering service and easy-to-use online eye exam took the cake. The fact that over 7,000 people have ranked them as 5-stars also was a huge factor, showing their consistency in service and quality. While 1-800 Contacts makes it a lot faster and easier to order contacts than your doctor’s office or pharmacy does, it does take a little longer for your prescription and order to process than it would at some with other contact subscription services like Simple Contacts.

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by Insider Envy Staff