The Best Free Trials To Get You Through Social Distancing


Many apps and services are going free in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We rounded up the best deals to make the help make the most of your time at home:


1. 30-Day Free Trial for Torch

Torch is the ultimate way to kick-start your weight loss journey while quarantined at home. Members get access to a personal health coach (available 24/7 right from your phone) for nutrition and movement guidance, along with prescription weight loss medication chosen for you by a board-certified doctor. Both are delivered to your door with free shipping. For a limited time only, you can get all of this for free using Torch’s 30-day free trial here. If getting in shape and maintaining a healthy body weight has been on the backburner for you, now is the perfect time to implement a change.


2. Dark Noise Free Beta

Dark Noise is a simple yet powerful way to play ambient noise to help you sleep, focus, or relax. Normally $3.99 in the App Store, Dark Noise’s developer opened up the TestFlight beta version for free in response to the coronavirus pandemic. “Maybe it’ll help people cope if they can simulate the sound of an office space or coffee shop while stuck in their homes,” announced developer Charlie Chapman on Twitter. Get you hands on the free Dark Noise beta here.


3. 90-Day Free Trial for Peloton’s Workout App

No bike, no problem. While Peloton may be known for their pricy standalone cycle, the at-home fitness company also has a subscription workout app full of classes from yoga, HIIT, strength training, and more. In response to coronavirus, Peloton announced they a free 90-day trial of their app for all new users. Check it out here.


4. News Publications Ditch Paywalls

As getting real-time updates becomes increasingly vital, many news publication have gotten rid of their paywalls in response to coronavirus. Find a list of those publications here:


5. 30-Day Free Trial for Sundance Now

While Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ aren’t offering any membership options for free quite yet, some of their smaller competitors are. With more time than ever to hang out on the couch and watch great movies, Sundance Now is an amazing (and free!) option. While their normal trial period is only 7 days, with the code SUNDANCENOW30 you can now get access to a full month of content for free here.

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by Insider Envy Staff

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