Why I Reconsidered Using Hubble


No longer feel afraid of contacts.

As someone with less than perfect vision,  caught my attention. I was definitely intrigued that they’re  for your first two weeks (just pay $3 shipping). At first I was hesitant to start using Hubble, and didn’t make the purchase for several months. I was complacent with my glasses and was nervous about starting a subscription service. After finally taking the leap, I’m actually very impressed with these contacts! Despite each of my initial concerns, I found that Hubble has exceeded my expectations.

My first major concern with starting Hubble was that I didn’t want to be locked into a subscription model. Subscription services are huge these days, but a lot of them make it almost impossible to change or pause your plan. I did some research into Hubble and found that it’s incredibly easy to cancel or take a month off. I actually haven’t wanted to pause at all since starting Hubble, but I know I could if needed!

Easy to start, pause or cancel your Hubble subscription.

I was also worried about starting Hubble because I didn’t want to commit without knowing what their contacts were like. Since Hubble isn’t sold in stores, I couldn’t test them out before purchasing, which made me nervous. However, since Hubble gives you two weeks free, this really isn’t an issue. I only paid $3 in shipping for my first box, which gave me time to wear the contacts and see if they were a good fit. I decided to keep going with my subscription, but if you don’t like them after the first month, you can cancel without wasting money.

Maybe this is just me, but I thought contacts were kind of scary before I started using them! Before Hubble I was wearing glasses, and heard bad rumors about contacts – that they were uncomfortable, dry, and got dirty easily. Once I started Hubble, I realized I had no need to be afraid. I’m not sure about other contacts, but Hubble was very hydrating on my eyes and did not dry out through the whole day. Since they are daily contacts, each day I open up a new pair that are clean and fresh.

I’d say start with the , and cancel if you don’t like them!After my experience with Hubble, I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wears glasses or any other contact brand. That being said, everyone’s eyes are different, and what works for me may not work for you.  Worth a shot, since they’re definitely the most affordable contacts on the market.


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